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diane knaus author and photographer DianeKnaus

Publishing Services:

I provide independent content, copywriting, and consulting on projects. With more than fifteen years experience, long and short sales letters, I provided biography features of business owners, B2B projects, sales copy, advertising, copy content, blogs, newsletters, speeches, headlines for your services, copy and design.

Photography as wall art, travel photography,and video content. Over 16 years experience with published articles/photographs in newspapers, magazines in Maryland and Canada. Many front page placements for articles and photographs.

Sales letters:

Yes Diane, I want to take advantage of your copywriting expertise to write my salescopy into an offer to my prospective clients. My main location is in Annapolis, Maryland.You may call me to arrange a meeting or have a scheduled call 443-942-0096 to discuss your publishing needs.

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Leave a message 443-942-0096 we will call you within 24 hours. Free quotes on first project.

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