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BIO- Diane Knaus

From Baltimore, Maryland, I became a publisher in the 1980's with the FEELING GREAT newspaper published in Annapolis, Maryland. Then transitioned into a freelance photojournalist until getting into the internet and web publishing a year after the Twin Towers in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania were crashed into by jets. The first site as http://www.911info.net continues today as www.911-info.com


Other projects are the non-profit website www.911informationcorporation.org where the projects begin with research for your company needs to integrity values of your firm and employees.

Freelance photojournalist contracts are done by calling and discussing your needs. Diane is available for speaking engagements at dk@dianeknaus.com Call for additional information 443-942-0096.

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Diane Knaus Blog on 911info.net

Benghazzi events as they happened

6-28-2016 The real truth as told by the Democratic Party Research. Lets make sense of it. Was Hillary Clinton sleeping when the attack happened, no that is patently not true. She called her offices in Washington and got to work immediately.

There are nineteen pages in the executive summary so I won't publish it here. Here's the first few paragraphs. The Democratic Members of the Benghazi Select Committee submit this report in honor of the memories of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty; the other extraordinary heroes in Benghazi and Tripoli who risked life and limb to help their fellow Americans; and the men and women of the Defense Department, State Department, and Intelligence Community who serve the United States every day around the world.

We deeply regret that this report is not bipartisan. In May, we asked Chairman Trey Gowdy to work with us on a joint report with conclusions we could all agree on, followed by areas on which we may disagree. We also offered to provide him with a draft of our report in advance. But Chairman Gowdy mocked our request as “mildly amusing.”

We are issuing our own report today because, after spending more than two years and $7 million in taxpayer funds in one of the longest and most partisan congressional investigations in history, it is long past time for the Select Committee to conclude its work. Despite our repeated requests over the last several months, Republicans have refused to provide us with a draft of their report—or even a basic outline—making it impossible for us to provide input and obvious that we are being shut out of the process until the last possible moment.

Our overarching conclusion is that the evidence obtained by the Select Committee confirms the core findings already issued by many previous investigations into the attacks in Benghazi. Although the Select Committee obtained additional details that provide context and granularity, these details do not fundamentally alter the previous conclusions. Section I of our report begins by highlighting the bravery of our first responders on the night of the attacks. U.S. personnel in Benghazi and Tripoli conducted themselves with extraordinary courage and heroism and at grave personal risk to defend and rescue their fellow Americans. Our report provides poignant new details about how their actions saved lives.

Our report makes 21 findings based on the evidence we obtained, and it debunks many conspiracy theories about the attacks. In general, the report finds:

Even the Republicans report on Benghazzi has exonerated her and can find no fault of hers in the happening of that fateful night when we lost our four heroes. Rather the state department and those people who layout the money stream were too restrictive on their purse strings to give enough money to protect that outpost.That is they refused to pay for the additional employees pay while they did their jobs of protecting the empolyees who were working there. Secretary Clinto has asked many times for more money to protect these people many times, but, was rebuked just as many times for even asking for more money.

Read the Democratas Official Report

Secretary of State Hillary Clintons Helpers Screwed Up

Update: 2-12-2016 Bernie and Hillary who made the most sense on the real issues? Hillary of course! Like her or not, she makes the most sense.

At some point we need to leave behind the past, why because we can't change the past.

As much as I would like to change some of the things in my families past, I can't. Neither can Hillary. She is her own person today because of what she has gone through. Any one of us has a past and we would if we could change some of that. But, we can't! Today we are hopefully stronger than we were and use our knowledge to do much better. Don't you think so? So turn that around and give Hilary the benefit of the doubt as you do for yourself. We all need to get stronger and more relevant in our day to day activities. Think smart, let's us all go forward in strength and deal with things on a day to day basis to make our days count in forward momentum to a better world for all of us.

When Steinem and Albright were were talking to Hillary's audience, or they must not have known where they were. At the very least they did not recognize and should be ashamed of themselves in their verbal treatment of the young women at Hillary Clintons New Hampshire event.

Madeline Albright also said that "women who don't support other women deserve a special place in hell". Their report card "Fail" send them packing Hillary. These women while powerful in their younger days are a hindrance to your campaign now. Their thoughts have gotten old just as they are now old. They really need to get with the times and discover what these young college educated women are all about. First off they might get to know Chelsea. She fits the bill as a perfect example of a young white college educated woman. I must note here that Hillary has many a great follower in the spanish and black communities just as President Barack Obama did when he was running for present.

Hillary Clinton has been a children's and family cheerleader since she first started in politics. That was her passion years ago and is now as well as other important issues. But, she seems to have forgotten that when she invited Gloria and Madeline Albright to the stage to speak up for her. Both of the women are famous for their stances on women's rights. Yet,their words were to give the younger women hell for what they perceived the younger women were thinking. How wrong could they be, plenty wrong it seems.

She recently put the impetus on the Governor of Flint, Michigan's lead in the water problems there and spoke about his responsibilities to his constituents. Lead poisoning in anyones water supply can lead to years of unpredictability because lead is a poison and causes brain damage in anyone who is exposed to it.

NOTE: She is still championing women and family issues while on the presidential trail.

Hillary Clinton has seen much in her years in politics. From her years living in the White House while husband Bill Clinton was president to her own election as a senator and then when Barack Obama appointed her as Secretary of State she has performed her duties well. Did she make any mistakes, yes. No one is perfect, not me, or even you, we all make them, some are bigger than others as we all have experienced. She has had humiliating events like Bills wandering eye give her plenty of headaches, yet she stood by him and he eventually went to get some help, but she had to get through it, not around it. That has made her a stronger, smarter woman who can handle almost everything.

She has had to endure all of the bullshit that the republicans have thrown at her, just like they have at President Obama. If "the repubs" are not given the back door to slide out of this election season, they will give her more of the same, and maybe Cruz will shut down the entire government again.

Then of course good ole boy Bernie brings up the remark about Hillary Clinton getting high speakers fees from Goldman Sachs. What he doesn't know can fill a big book. Goldman Sachs Foundation also has a funding program to specifically help women entrepreneurs get funding for setting up their own business'. A new report by Babson College on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative has found that training and education for women entrepreneurs positively affect emerging economies by increasing revenues and creating jobs, expanding women’s contributions to their communities, and informing their leadership styles. And they even provide training for the women. To get information on the program go here

What Bernie also does not know is that the field of public speaking can provide someone with millions of dollars in event speaking fees. If you are an expert in almost any field you can clean up on fees alone, does not include books or other training programs that you sell at the event.

My advice to Hillary: Change your wording, Bernie is using revolution, try "Evolution" and uplifting words like hope and bringing you a more positive experience of a better future. Show your passion, even if it brings a tear to your eye. Make sure it's a real tear, take a deep breath to calm your self and let people see that. You are after all a real person. Let your audiences experience the real you. You'll be glad you did.Good luck Madam President.

Keep in mind what you are after. What is it that you really want/need. There is a big difference in what you need and what you want. Think about your immediate needs. Are you really full filling them the way you should be or have you strayed off course a little bit? 

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Published on Linkedin.com March 3, 2016-Enjoy the seashore of your mind in meditation (sometimes it just take a little while to get it, but meditation does work). Listen to the waves of the ocean in your mind.


Meditation sounds like  a dirty word to you or you haven't tried it yet! It's ok if you haven't had the time. But it can really, really help. You can do this at any time of the day, even when you have  only five minutes to spare.Keep in mind what you are after. What is it that you really want/need. There is a big difference in what you need and what you want. Think about your immediate needs. Are you really full filling them the way you should be or have you strayed off course a little bit? 

Remember to keep focused on the positive, and your dream will never fail. Stop what you are doing right now if you can. Sit in  a comfortable chair, or stop where you are outside in the sunshine. Shut your eyes and bask in the quiet. Stop the arguments in your head. Take a deep breath, take several, at least 8 to be effective.

seagull pix by dine knaus

Photoby Diane Knaus copywrite 2016

Sunny Beach, Warm Sunset?

Think of where you would like to vacation, hold that thought, go through the things you want to do, or not do. Do you want a sunny beach, or a warm sunset, what is your desire? Or do  you just want to hold the hand of someone special and revel in your connections?  Do you want to tell someone special that you love them, or a coworker that they do matter in the scope of your business?

Important is What You Do- All of that is  important, it's what you do about that that counts in the long term.You have to think in terms of what would make the biggest difference in your life, or that of others you regularly connect with. The outcome is what can make the difference in your life and the lives of others. 

Be Better as a Leader, or More Intimate- If your goal is to be a better leader, a better boss, or your own boss, then this exercise is imperative that you do right now. If your goal is personal intimacy you can do this as soon as you can contact this person. Set a date, or an event date or text someone that you would like to talk with. But, do it now, after you awaken from your meditation today. Wash and repeat tomorrow! You may need sunglasses to see the world in the next five minutes.

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Other articles continued below:

Women's 1st NFL Coach is Jen Welter

1-29-2016 In August 2015 Arizona Cardinals announced their pick Dr. Jen Welter as their new coach. From working in football as a team player in the past she took on the linebackers and special teams coach making her the first woman to coach in a men's professional football league. Unfortunately she did not make the cut at the end of the part time season to be their permanent coach. Now young women have a new woman to look up to.

Her debut as a pro player started when Welters was playing running back for the Texas Revolution. Then later in August of 2015 she became the Arizona Cardinals linebackers special teams coach making her the first woman to coach in a men's professional football league. She is very accomplished with her numerous educational degrees as well, such as a master’s degree in Sport psychology from Boston College and a PhD in psychology from Capella University. She has become well known by showcasing her story online with Sports Illustrated, People, MSN, Yahoo, Fox, and countless others she has been gaining ground by appearing on the Today Show, Arsenio Hall, and Steve Harvey. Dr. Jen's story showcasing her obvious talents.

It's really too bad she isn't coaching somewhere as a full time coach because the players all liked her very much. I guess the powerful "Old White Boys Club of Owners" didn't want even an accomplished woman showing up the other NFL coaches.


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Review of Tony Robbins newest book 2015:

Diane Knaus

Arnold, Maryland 21012



Book Review Authored by Diane Knaus

President of http://www.911informationcorporation.org

“Money Master The Game “ by Tony Robbins

Published by Simon and Schuster Copywright 2014 Tony Robbins



This book could have be called “A Breakthrough Financial Facts Bible for You Now.” I was not sure what to expect when starting out reading this book. And I have kept my opinion open.

My expectation was that is would be a hard book to read with lots of complicated jargon and things I had no knowledge of. That expectation has been knocked right out of the ballpark, up into a basket score for the basketball teams, over the goal post for football teams and into the soccer goal score cages for a big win for everyone.

Life can be like a sport if you play it right. There will be ups and downs, but you need to keep going at it with honesty, integrity and love of life and your families, friends, business clients and associates.

Tony Robbins doesn't just make things better for himself when he solves a problem, he also fixes on it so he can solve the same problem for his employees. Now that's a good boss to have. And that builds on his credibility for the long run. I hope this man lives for forever.

I wish we could get Tony Robbins to have a few sessions with our congress. Boy would things turn around for the betterment of our entire country.

At any rate I digress enough.

All profits from his book are going to end world hunger.The chapters in this book read easily because all of the facts that it contains are verifiable. There are no half truths, anywhere in the book. That in turn makes the advice all the more valuable. For example you might hear that there is a program called V2MOM . That is something that can change your life and you can find it in the book. This book is filled with testimonials of fifty of the worlds best financial leaders of the free world.

Everyone has weaknesses in their lives and Tony covers that as well as lifetime values.If you are looking for a real time guru, Tony is the man to read about, to find and listen to his lectures, and other books. He has been homeless himself and writes candidly about that. He is not just one of those high “and mighty muckimuks” who only talks about himself, nor a pretty boy with no brains, the man has substance.

He is the Master of the Game himself but wants to show you how to be the “Master of Your Own Game.”

“Why, because this is the man the Big Boys Play With in the Sandbox of Life”

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins Starts out with his thoughts to success

“To those who will never settle for less than they can be, do, share, and give”

The forward is written by non other than Elliot Weissbluth, founder and CEO of High Tower

Hightower founded in 2007 only offers investment advice, they don't sell stocks.

The introduction written by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO OF Salesforce.com says“Tony Robbins is one of a kind, and we are lucky to have him in our lives.”

From what I have read about him it's all true.

Chapter One

It's your money, your life, take control.

This book will definitely be a classic and an evergreen for probably some twenty years. Why twenty, because there are millions of people who it will take that long to have the messages sink in.

But, hopefully our legal laws concerning banks, stocks, insurances and different funds will change before that.

But, you, the public don't have to wait too long to take advantage of the financial tips in the book. You can do it right after you read the book. The steps are all laid out in plain English for you to accomplish.

You need to talk about money within your family because that is how people learn when others talk about what changes can be made with your own personal accounts. You are who this book targets to help.

The actual tone of the book is interesting because it is one of help-full-ness. At best there are 656 pages, yes a long read, but the subject of your money and best way to use it does not get boring. Nor does Tony put it's importance above your family.

Don't forget Tony is not only a bestselling author, great gatherer of money, but he is a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

At the core money communications is about power” he says.

Tony asks you to make him a promise which is unusual in any author books. How do you ever know when someone keeps his/her promise? He talks about money being about financial freedom and having a dream. He wants you to focus and make your dream a reality for you and your family. H talks about choices you have everyday. He is like your good luck uncle who you always wanted to spend time with, called a real guy, and one of the best good guys.

Tony also talks about feelings. How many men really talk about feelings, well, he does and he asks some really hard questions. You need to be ready to face your feelings and finally do something about them. Scary huh, but, real actions will make more real leaders.

This book is for real men and real women wanting to change their lives for the better. When you do that, you will literally change the world. At least our financial world in the United States will change because of what you accomplish for yourselves and your families. So yes you can make a difference in your lives and the country because Tony says you can, and you will be making change happen overnight for your families. But don't forget those people in your city who are less fortunate, the homeless, and the hungry, they need a helping hand on regular basis.

Tony quotes “There are more than 10,000 mutual funds, 1,400 different ETFs, and hundreds of global stock exchanges to choose from”. Just think about that, hundreds of different global stock exchanges. Who can ever make sense out of that? Of course they are from all countries all over the globe. Also High speed machines, and high-frequency trading. Right now, it takes about half a second to click your mouse to do your stock buying E*Trade online. Millions of other people are doing the same thing at the same time. And that's not all scientists have designed and laborers are working to begin laying cable on the ocean floor to make trades even faster maybe nanoseconds for a new microwave technology to connect exchanges from New York to London. Use your imagination, here and now. What will trading online look like in five years? Lightening fast you say, I believe it.

According to Tony “you have to use your intelligence to make out the differences in fact or fiction for the future and read everyday. “

It must be noted that Tony Robbins is the #1 Bestselling Author and acclaimed life and business strategist on the planet.

Why would I dare to write a review of his book? Because I wanted to learn what he knows, or at the very least a fraction of it that is. No one could ever know what he does because he is a work in progress all of the time. Plus there is no grass that could possibly grow under his feet . According to his own schedule of schedules like no other, he is traveling from continent to continent to address other peoples problems on a weekly basis.

This is a book that will need to be counted in many ways. First there are 27 famous people who have lent their opinions to the opening of his book.

To name just a few of the 27 people who have added him to their value:

Starting with former President Bill Clinton,“He has a great gift. He has the gift to Inspire”

“We've been selected by Forbes as the most innovative company in the world for four consecutive years. Our revenues are now over 5 Billion annually. Without access to Tony and his teachings, Salesforce.com wouldn't exist today,”Mark Benioff, founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce.com.

“I was afraid my that my success would take something away from my family. Tony was able to turn it around and show me that I've helped millions of people. Probably the most intense feelings I've ever had.” Melissa Etheridge, two time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter .

The final one:

Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what's holding you back and what you need to move forward.” Donna Karan, legendary fashion designer, founder of DKNY.

Tony took 4 years to research and interview fifty financial guru's who are investing genius' and reveals their tips and contributions to the world. He then passes it on to you with many free tips to help you along the way to a better future.

Big Buckets of Practical Financial Information

Tony Robbins developed big buckets of practical financial information to tackle your everyday money problems. He has written these facts into normal everyday easy to understand English for us all.

His New Mission: To help Americans "Become Financially Free".

Tony filled the book with practical solutions for your financial life. He also reordered his employees financial life to save for them as well. What a great Boss, right?

As consultant to presidents and other financial gurus of our times, he has made the investment works simpler for us. He interviewed top people in the financial industry just for this book:

Charles Schwab - The Peoples Broker

Sir John Templeton - The Greatest Investor of the 20th Century

Paul Tudor Jones - Tony included Paul because he predicted the October 1987 Black Monday Market crash.

Carl Icahn - Master of the Universe

John C.Bogle - The Vangard of Investing

Ray Dalio head of Bridgewater

Mary Callahan Erodes, the Trillion-Dollar Woman

Warren Buffett - The Oracle of Omaha

T. BoonePickens - Made to be Rich, Made to Give

Marc Farber - The Billionaire they call Dr. Doom

Research for the book has taken Tony four years. His consistent interviews of highly performing financial gurus of Wall Street have made this book truly inspirational. It has already made it a

“must read” kind of book.

Steve Forbes calls this book "A gold mine of moneymaking information.

Tony interviewed more than 50 self-made billionaires for his book.

Tony has accomplished his goal to assemble financial information to make it useful for all people. He wants it to work for you, me and his own employees.

Tony Robbins has created a "Breakthrough Financial Bible of Facts for You" for our times. In this breakthrough book Tony tells you how to "Break Through to the Money in your life, and how to use it in a safer manner for your future."

He tells us we are on our way to a financial meltdown. And a crisis is ahead in our retirement years, unless we change our ways of using our financial information. According to Tony "money either uses you or you use your money."

His 7 Simple steps to Financial Freedom is exceptional financial information.. A “must read” for anyone interested in getting ahead. Although a long read at 638 pages, there is an online bibliography online. http://www.tonyrobbins.com/masterthegame

As a business owner you are responsible for all of the legal fiduciary for the plan in use. Personally you can be responsible for it and the DOL will fine you. But by using a plan from Americasbest401k you will be a lot safer from getting fined.

Americasbest401ks will install a professional fiduciary which will reduce your liability. They include this in .75% annual fee and provides ongoing benchmarking as a free service (Which is invaluable)

The US Department of Labor has found that 3/4 of current 401ks are illegal. In fact last year the normal fine for companies was $600,000.00

A simple check of 401K benefits by Americasbest401k will get information on your work plan. Many plans charge hidden fees which rob you of untold money in hidden fees, visit the fee checker at:


Company is www. Americasbest401k.com

On page 50 Compound interest is such a powerful tool that Albert Einstein once called it "The most important invention in all of human history.

Page 65 tells you about knowledge. Knowledge is not power, it's potential power. Knowledge is not mastery. Execution is mastery. Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week.

To really get to compounding your money you need to find a money vehicle that will actually compound your money for you every year, it can add to your money and not just to savings. Savings is just that, savings. Most banks are currently giving you 1 percent on your savings and no more.

Page 71 Money magnifies who we truly are. If you are mean or selfish you will still be mean and selfish,

Page 83 Shattering the 9 Financial Myths, Tony takes you through some of the hoops to win the game.

Page 89 Features the Road Less Traveled while conquering the mountain of freedom.

Page 117 Tony tells you all about realtime Market Performance a must read chapter.

Page 131 A real look "under the hood" a link to analyze all of your financial accounts For Free.

Page 150 A Roth 401k allows $17,500. per year

Page 176 Tony Robbins begs the question Who doesn't want to eat the cake too? He then begins to talk about Structured notes. What's that you ask, a loan to a bank.

He goes on to page 203 " Whats the price of your dreams" then gives you five levels to meet them.

Tony Robbins clearly wants you to win what you really want. So he says take smaller steps. Do this slower than what you first thought. You are going to learn there's not just one "magic number. " There are five different levels of financial dreams that will set you free,page 204.

He gets to your plan on page 230. Taking in the allusion of advantage, and choosing your own advantage. Then he gets to the real world of your time, savings, compounding and rates of returns, and student loans. Mindful savings is quite the bankroll you had not expected to get information on, but it's there.

Page 269 "Opportunity is Everywhere" The message is don't settle. Because of our interconnectedness that we have access to today, it is a changed world. Sara Blakely is one woman who has changed the world by her actions on don't settle, by founding her company with no loans, or financing. Today she owns 100% of the billion dollar company Spanx with no debt. It's about creating something extra that means something unique.

On page 274 Robbins advises: Differences with high-cost and fee-laden mutual funds verses low-cost index funds can cost you a lot of money.

Reduce fees and taxes while you invest the difference is the real key to financial success.

On page 277 You can pick your tax and pay attention to three types as an investor, Ordinary Income Tax, Long Term Capital Gains and Short-Term Capital Gains.And remember compounding can make you rich when done right.

But, you need to be aware of Mutual Funds. They are not all equal. It's a good chance your tax accountant missed the extra fee charges of 35%,45%, or up to 50% in mutual funds that changed your income tax in a years time.

Page 281 - 284 shows how to double your investment values based on rate of return.

Page 427 Ultimate Income Solution and Hybrid Annuities Think about Deferred annuities FIAs.

How about fixed indexed annuities I love them because of the guaranteed income stream.

Page 442 Secrets of the ultra wealthy that you can use too. You can achieve financial security or independence in less than half the normal time. Check out Tax Free Compounding inside of PPLI.

Page 453 Read the Billionaires Play Book

Page 458 Begins the interviews of financial fortunes with Carl Icahn Master of the Universe.

Speed it up, Get Better Returns and Speed Your Way to Victory

Do you hate the winter ice and snow in the winter? Or do you hate the heat and humidity in the summer in your state worse? Moving to reduce your costs can be a good solution?

Depending on your age and tax bracket a good move can be just the thing you need to do. Tony takes this all into consideration. But if you saw that you could save ten years of investing life, reach your Financial Freedom goals a decade sooner or even more, might it really be worth it?

Is Florida all it's cracked up to be? Tony Robbins and his wife moved from California to Florida because of the 13% tax rate taxes California. In Florida there are no state income taxes.The savings he has by that move will let him pay for his house in only six years. And even better it's in Palm Beach on two acres the water.

There are seven states that do not have income tax. They are:




South Dakota





Tennessee and New Hampshire only taxes dividend and interest income are state taxed.

Look into Costa Rica as an interesting and affordable place to live.

Tony Robbins spent four years researching and interviewing 50 practicing financial professionals. That is how he acquired the real facts revealed in this book. Because he believes in honesty and integrity he has made a tremendous effort to get it right for us all.

Asset allocation is more than diversification. It means dividing up your money among different classes. And consider types, of investments, stocks, bonds, commodities,real estate. Decide in specific proportions in advance. Make them according to your goals or needs, risk tolerance and stage of life.

According to Robbins "diversity and allocation of investments is the main thing that will make you a big winner in life". And he has provided the answers in this excellent book. The four years he took researching the information is powering him up to be the best financial writer anywhere.

That is why I am calling it the “Breakthrough Financial Facts Bible for You Now” This is a “must read” desk and bedside reference book.

About the Author

Tony Robbins is a bestselling author even before this book. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist he has operated for 37 years. Millions of people have enjoyed his warmth, humor, and his way of transformational power of business. His personal development events are usually sold out. He is the nations #1 life and business strategist.

People call him to consult, and to coach them. This list includes:

The worlds finest athletes


Fortune 500 CEO's

Presidents of nations who want his coaching

Tony has a foundation that feeds 4 million people per year in 56 countries. He also initiated programs in 1500 schools. 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.

To read more details about the foundation go to:


The bibliography for the book is now online:


Total words 3276


9 White Male Biker Gang Members Killed in Waco, Texas, Published on 911info.net

By Diane Knaus

5-24-2015 For no apparent reason that we currently know of approximately 5 biker gangs got together in Waco Texas and had a shootout. Nine of them were killed. This was probably a bad incident waiting to happen with so many of them from gangs who were carrying guns.

Drugs, prostitution, extortion is what some gangs are all about, but not all!

Press sources have reported that a fight broke out in a bathroom, then spread outside of the restaurant to the streets which sounds plausible enough that it could be the truth.Many a bar fight has started just that way. I noticed that all of the men sitting on the grounds were being really calm and not starting more trouble, nor being loud and angry . Some biker gangs are notorious for being involved in drugs, prostitution, extortion and violent behavior, but not all of them. In this one incident 140 people were put in jail and each one is being held on million dollar bonds.There were no police in riot gear, or tanks in the streets because police had known that the gangs would be there and they were known in the area. No police were pointing rifles at the mens faces either. And, no National Guard was needed, of course that was because no one was rioting and trashing the entire town or nearby areas.

You can bet that not all of the people held were involved at all, rather standers by who really knew nothing of what was going on. There are many types of motorcycle clubs, these that were arrested were not the kind of Doctor and pharmacist members like what you may have in your own neighborhoods.

There is a certain kind of meanness that a man exudes when he kills someone.

To me this stems from being extremely hurt physically or mentally while being a child either by a parent or a friend of the family, that I think causes meanness for a child to want to reach out and hurt someone else badly, or to kill them. Why, because children basically only want to explore their world, to eat, love their parents, and to play with things that are bright colored or just anything different that they want to look at especially if it moves.These are the essences of children to want to be loved and accepted by their parents and loved for themselves.

Opinion - Freddie Gray of Baltimore City / Another Senseless Killing Publishd on 911info.net

by Diane Knaus

4-24-2015 I watched the immediate video of Freddie Grey as the officers dragged him from where he lay toward the police van. One of his legs appeared to be broken because he could not walk rather was in fact being dragged to the van. A woman was heard yelling that he needed medical help and couldn't walk. The police did not stop to help him at all rather insisted on dragging him by brute force. I want to know what Freddie did to deserve such barbaric treatment. He was a young man riding his bike down the street, not doing any harm to anyone.

The fact that the police didn't strap him into the seat is stupid. That is what the police chief said on the news today. How can you put a man into a seat if his leg is broken in the first place. Second, why would the police need to shackle his legs if one was broken. He certainly could not get away from them with a broken leg.Then they were talking about throwing him into the back of the van on his face, face down, and how he got some of the physical bumps, etc on his head.That doesn't make sense either.

There was a second video a few days later that showed a man handcuffed and being escorted to a van, however, that was not the same man that as in the first video. This second man was bigger and heavier built, had no problems walking, and had white sneakers on. So the second video was totally bogus.

My number one question is why would a policeman or a few of them actually kill an unarmed young man who was just riding his bike? Doesn't make any sense unless the police were on some kind of scam secret pay for kill plan. I know that doesn't make much sense, but neither does the police killing the young man in the first place.

I am from Baltimore, and this really makes me angry, There is so much strife in lower income families anyhow, why would law abiding police do something like this? Of course we have no way of knowing the families economic situation for that matter.I am sincerely hoping that the Mayor will put down some hard and fast new rules if possible and that the police chief does the right thing.

There are just too many big questions that still need to be asked and answered.

Blatant Discrimination of Gay and Lesbian Citizens Has No Place in America-Published on 911info.net

No one in political office has the right to lie or shade the truth to constituents- Published on 911info.net!

3-31-2015 No one has the right to discriminate against anyone else in America. All of our families were immigrants at one point. In Backward Indiana the power politicians that are in office have really passed laws to intentionally discriminate against gay people. There has been much flash back from irate citizens and corporations inside and from outside the state as well.

This past week Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law a bill that legalizes discrimination, allowing businesses to refuse service to customers simply because they are gay or lesbian. Further, since Governor Pence claims disingenuously that it is about religious freedom, his law protects any business owner who refuses to hire someone of a different religion from their own.They can actually put up signs that say "no Gays allowed".

Other corporations AFSCME are incensed and conventions are beginning to back out of their contracts with local business conventions in Indiana.

At least one major corporation has spoken up and says they do not discriminate. "At Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co., we are proud to say we are open to business for everyone."

AFSCME is changing their scheduled convention in the state. This unAmerican law sets Indiana and our nation back decades in the struggle for civil rights. It is an embarrassment and cannot be tolerated. As such, AFSCME will move our 2015 Women’s Conference in October from Indianapolis to another state. Additional details about the conference’s new location and any necessary date change will be announced as they become available.


Canadian articles published

Nostalgia Published by Old Autos Newspaper, July 2006

Oh Those Fifties by Diane Knaus

What's read and white and black, if you said a newspaper, you will only be half right. if your second answer was a checkered race flag you would only be partially right. If your third answer added a 1950's Diner you would be exactly right. That is where all of the hot rod cars were after 10 pm on the weekends during the 50's. Oh my those good looking guys and their shiny hot rods, what a combination! Believe me when I tell you that, lots of girls hung out at the drive ins back in the 50's. They did so just to look at the guys with their hair slicked back and their shiny rods just spoiling for a race. The guys were wanting to put someone else's car down and show off their spiffy cars and loud mufflers. Going to the drive in to get a milk shake was only one of the skimpiest reasons we gave Dad so we could go.

That was one of the ways the guys would get their frustrations out back then. The best looking sparkly cars took hours and hours of painstaking work to keep them looking sharp. One of my cousins was washing his car twice a day to keep the dust off of it, especially if he was going to go into town. A hefty supply of Turtle Wax and clean rags, a mainstay of anybody's toolbox and maintenance program was a requirement. Some of the boys then would work at a garage to learn the trade of fixing the motors and repairs, then buy junkers and fix them up. They certainly were the precursors of today's Nascar drivers and owners.

Those kind of cars and the guys that drove them made the diners interesting, they brought that extra tingle to people eating at the diners. What with their white tee shirts and their pack of smokes rolled up in their shirt sleeves, and clean pressed jeans, they looked cool. Can't forget to mention their work boots and some Penny loafers as well!

Of course then we had to bring Dad a milkshake as a reason to make the drive in the first place. The drive ins were bright and colorful, and clean. The menus featured good hamburgers, french fries, and thick shakes. (Oh we didn't even think about cholesterol back then) The diners had bright colorful jukeboxes and flashing lights inside, so we could play our Ricky Nelson, Fats Dominoe, The Beattles, and finally Elvis Presley songs.

At the 50's Diner in the Canadian Transportation Museum, you can get grilled burgers and dogs to your liking. If you want to recreate those memories, you can take your antique car or go to see other cars at the Canadian Transportation Museum & Historic Village in Southern Ontario. You can actually dine in their new 50's Diner as did many in their first ever "Cruise In" on May 18, 2006 . With dine in facilities, and an outdoor patio area, as well as an inside bar and banquet facilities their offering to the public is one in a hundred. While sitting on their red and white chairs, listening to the jukebox you will think you are reliving history as you watch the classic cars rumble in on the blacktop driveway. Cruise Ins are scheduled for Thursdays during the summer.

For additional information see: http://www.ctmhv.com/ 565 words Heritage Properties Information by Diane Knaus / The Scoop Newspaper May '06

Community News published by The Scoop Newspaper 2006 The Windsor Heritage Committee “Honors” The Ontario Historical Society is honoring Windsor Heritage Committee members for their innovative and proactive community outreach. The Board of Directors of the Ontario Historical Society is presenting them with this year’s B. Napier Simpson Jr. Award of Merit for special contributions to heritage conservation in the community. The presentation will take place in Orillia on May 6 at the Ontario Historical Society’s annual meeting. The Windsor Heritage Committee deals with requests for heritage designation, the administration of the City of Windsor’s heritage funds, and advises City Council on any matter dealing with built heritage. According to the Heritage Canada Foundation Advocacy organization, “conservation saves energy, and saves natural resources as well.” Not only that, but, conservation makes a community sustainable because older buildings are being reused. While Many people think that municipal heritage designation is an encumbrance on a property. It’ is not true! Most of the time when a property is upgraded and improved the value of it goes up, just like when you improve any other property. However, this type of improvement also makes the township more interesting to visitors and can create tourism, which is a clean industry so to speak. This enhances the livability of the area, and promotes business, which promotes more jobs for the arearesidents involved.

Heritage Highlights The Windsor Heritage Committee (WHC) has partnered each year since 1999 with the local branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to produce a series of short videos highlighting important heritage resources in Windsor and the surrounding area. · Heritage Week Coloring Contest - Each year since 2000 the Windsor Heritage Committee has sponsored a Heritage Week Clobbering Contest. This initiative, which costs the committee about $3,000 annually, is designed to engage school children and their teachers in the appreciating of our local built heritage. · Windsor History Web Site / Walking Tour

The Windsor Heritage Committee produces walking tour brochures in order to promote the appreciation of Windsor’s heritage properties.. This information also appears on the City of Windsor web site www.citywindsor.ca. The committee is also committed to getting all of Windsor’s designated heritage properties listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places (80 in all). Doors Open Windsor- Since the introduction of Doors Open Ontario in 2002, the Windsor Heritage Committee has been supporting this very important and effective heritage celebration. Members have shown support personally by opening their heritage homes to visitors.For additional information: Greg Heil is Chairperson of the heritage committee. Nancy Morand is the Heritage Planner for the city she can be reached at:255-6543 x 6179

573 words published in The Scoop newspaper