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seagull Chesapeake Bay Sunrise by diane knaus

Seagull on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Photo by Diane Knaus©2016

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I am from Maryland, and have fond memories of the Chesapeake Bay and Shore area because my relatives came from there, and my immediate family has spent many a nice summer day on the water fishing, crabing and then cooking our catches on the clean beaches. We also got sunbuned just like everyone else having fun.

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Reynolds Tavern Photo by Diane Knaus ©2016

Annapolis is one of the "Best Walking Cities in the World". From it's original brick streets to it's historic downtown preservation buildings and a fact that at one point it was used as the Capital of the country it is still amazing. You will see people dressed in old colonial historic costumes, men in black triangle hats, revolutionary uniforms and women in white lace bonnets and long dresses, while they are taking people on walking tours of the city. They love this as all are volunteers. Imagine yourself in those hats and clothing, what fun as they pass Reynolds Tavern while the horse drawn carriages are in the Church Circle and downtown area.

49 West street restaurant, a fixture in local culture. What immediately surprises you when you walk in are all of the original artworks from local artists that decorates their walls, sometimes right above your table. It takes a year to book a show there for an artist. All food is made at the restaurant, wait staff is good, polite, usually college age and knows their menus. They serve delicious coffees with liquor of your choice. I have never had a bad meal there.< Desserts are fabulous.

Historic Reynolds Tavern on Church circle building is a great sample of the historic colonial style of brick The famous Maryland Inn, known for their wonderful accommodations for weddings and all kinds of celebrations and great food in a truly old world bar/restaurant in the basement.

Red brick walkways, are the mode of walkways here in town, but watch your step once in a while. Main Street to the right is our main shopping district, and you will pass many more interesting and good eateries along the way ( it will truly be hard to pick a bad restaurant in Annapolis) toward the Dock and the newly renovated Market House at the city dock.

Ah spring is wonderful restaurants put out water bowls for pets and store owners decorate with wonderful fresh spring flowers in baskets and planters all over the downtown area.

"Ego Alley is where all of the boats are docked and it's because of the size of the boats docked. This is a sight to see if you really like big boats, yachts that is, pardon me. You will notice that many a yacht owner travel with their dogs onboard. The dock area is filled with good restaurants all with unique menus.

You could spend a month in the city and still have more restaurants to savor for another trip. These eateries are usually within walking distance of any hotel. Even though the area tasts ar for our seafood, you won't run the risk of having the same meal twice unles you go back to one you have dined at before.

I have been told, "all roads lead to Annapolis, Maryland".

sanjuan watermarked copywrited

Photo by Diane Knaus©2015

San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico is a small island, but has one of the richest histories in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, San Juan, the island is the capital city, is the oldest city under the jurisdiction of the United States.

San Juan Puerto Rico has been primarily influenced by Tano Indian, Spanish and American cultures, enriching many aspects of local life and creating a culturally diverse and unique characteristics with a quaint personality of its own.

Their streets are made of blue marble bricks. The sunshine is abundant, and in the rain forest on the island there is plenty of moisture. Travel to the rain forest is done by bus transportation, and the walk in the forest is multitiered, not for the faint of heart.

As a territory of the U.S., those born on the Island are considered U.S. Citizens; more so, U.S. citizens do not require a passport when traveling to and from the United States. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the Island has a population of roughly 3.7 million people with a median age of 32 years. More than half of the population is in the prime of their working years. Nearly evenly split between male and female, the workforce is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Vacationing on the island

You might think of vacationing in San Juan? Number one the pace is slower in day to day business which translates into less stress.

Yet most of the basic business is transacted just like in the United States. There are some big business already there as in pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing plants.

Other benefits include hosting to the largest and busiest airport in the Caribbean and a robust and stable legal system.

Climate averages 83 degrees most of the time, There are lush green forests, rain forests to tour, white sandy beaches and their waters to enjoy, emerald green mountains to explore, and three of the world's five bioluminescent bays.

Usable Beaches

There are over 200 useable beaches in the area for family or adult's. Not to mention the wonderful cuisine, it is superior and fresh. This is truly a wonderful walking city restaurants are nearby, buses are frequent and will get you from one end of the island to the other in leisurely manner.

According to the official Puerto Rico web site .. It also boasts over 270 miles of wonderfully accessible waterfront beaches, including Flamenco Beach in neighbor Culebra Island ranked among the 25 best secret islands on earth‚ Travel & Leisure Magazine, May 2010.

World class chiefs abound

World-class chefs man the kitchens at many restaurants in San Juan, while internationally renowned chefs have brought their brands to the island.The cuisine is fabulous any restaurant you go to has wonderful flavor on the Spanish side.The culinary tradition spans centuries and combines Tavno, Spanish and African cultures, recipes and ingredients. More recently the cuisine combines flavors from all over the world to create mouthwatering taste bud pleasing creations.

There are many opportunities for gourmet fine dining with even more experiences that can lead to roadside kiosks for a quick meal. you will love exploring menus and discovering the many palatable tastes of San Juan Puerto Rico.

Support business's includes their port which services over 4,300 cargo flights a month and 1800 weekly flights from the San Juan International Airport. Their port is considered number 10 in container movement in the states.

A Fishing Trip in Orlando Florida

Back in the late 40's my parents and I moved to Orlando, Florida for a year because my father was in the Army. One weekend we decided to go fishing in the area. We had our picnic amidst readying a rented wooden row boat so we could fish. It was a little windy but Dad said we weren't going far. He rowed us out from the beach a little way. After throwing out the anchor he baited our fishing poles and we threw them into the dark water each one of us hoping to get a fish. The wind started to blow a little harder. We got a few nibbles on our lines, but, nothing to write home about.

The wind kept kicking up in strength, and slowly the skies were darkening above us. I was beginning to be afraid never having been out on a boat when a storm was starting to form. Only when it was raining real hard, did he begin to row back into the beach. Our biggest problem was it was getting darker really fast and we couldn't see the beach. My mother was crying and angry at the same time. She held onto me tighter. As my father kept rowing he was silent not wanting to anger my mother or scare me any further.

When I tell you I was realy scared it is not an understatement. I was thinkng that we might never make it back to the beach at all as the waves were getting rougher, and the skies more black than blue as they were swirling about. It was truly a child's nightmare in action riding in that creaky old wooden row boat, with no motor. I had begun to cry with my mother.

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