Welcome to an updated schedule of fees. Thank you for being here I look forward to working with you and your company for many years.


Copywriting Fees:

These fess posted are always negotiable. Why are they negotiable, because each project is different in scope and size, so no one fits all circumstances.

Purchase Orders / Letters of Authorization /Credit Cards

A purchase order or letter of authorization, or credit card required for all projects. Fees are on a per project basis and begin on contract with 50% down and balance on delivery.

Copy analysis fees are payable in advance in full.

Marketing consultations available on an hourly, per client, per diem, or project basis, Ask for rates and fact sheet.

All revisions must be assigned within 15 days of receipt of copy. Rewrites are made free of charge unless the revision is based on a change to the assignment made after the copy is submitted. If we do not hear back from you in 7 days we will assume you do not need changes, bu we wll call to check with you before starting for conformation.

Listed fees are guidelines only, call today for a prompt price quotation on your special assignment.

Fee schedule is currrent as of March 15, 2016 and is valid for 90 days from date of receipt. Be sure to call for current fee schedule when ordering copy or consulting services.


Printed ad $1400-$3500

Advertorial $900-$1300 per page

Sales Letter per page $900-$3500 + % for large projects depending on details.

Direct mail package, mail order $4,000-S10,000

Self Mailer $1400-$3,800

Postcard or double postcard $1200-$2500

Brochure copywriting 2 fold $800-$1600 + printing, postal,page exp.

Newsletters $900.00-1500 per page

Feature story $1500-$6000

Press Release 1-2 pages $800-$1400

Copy Analysis/ Critique $400-$800

Sometimes when a client changes their mind the project takes on a new and larger life of it's own, changes will be charged when necesary and accordingly.

Each contract is different because of your individual needs. A contract protects us both from misunderstandings. If there is something you don't understand, just ask, that is why I say be sure to ask about the process.

Timing can also change due to 3rd party involvement (printer, etc) printing schedules and other changes. Be assured that I will keep you abreast as soon as possible should that happen.

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