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Living, Breathing and Wanting More Success in Your Business Life !

Of course you have to be living and breathing to get anything important done in your life. In the business world you have to practice your intense integrity and let it shine. It does not matter if you are selling a service or a product.

You just need to get out of your own way and get the business help you need to go forward.

Dear Friend,

Are you trying to do everything yourself and don't have enough cash or backing to get it done? Are you banging your head against your wall? Did you write a business plan yet?

Have you asked people you know to invest their money to back you for a specific time frame? Thay may be one of the easiest ways to go about this to get you started.

Set your priorities early and stick to them!

Your priorities should include building rapport with potential customers. How do you do that? You need to get out and about to local business owners, and the public to talk about your products/services. Go to local meetings, with other business's, non-profit organizations and talk about what you have that can help someone else, anywhere where there are people who will need your help. If you have something that will help a lot of people you need to do the footwork first, that also includes getting into Facebook, Linkedin, online organizations who might be able to help you etc. Never forget, you really can't do it all by yourself.

If you want to ease into it and not have to do "Social Media" Things on Facebook or Linked in yourself, you can hire a copywriter to do that. That's right you don't have to do that yourself. We work with contracts to provide that service for you. We can provide a setup service to get your page up and running, then we can do the updates to keep your page relevant on a montly basis. Ask about our reasonable prices!

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Your Elevator Speech

Write two short sentences that describes your product or service. Such as “I provide custom Teddy Bears for presents and then donate 10% of them at Christmas time to hospitals nearby.” You have demonstrated your integrity by saying some go to hospitals . Custom says to the people that they are not cheaply made, but have quality. It is always a good thing to have a sample with you.


You have already put in your time and energy and learning your product/service so you know what you are talking about. There is a big possibility that you need a sales letter developed which can be sent out to potential online customers and contacts. It is reasonable to think that you could do this yourself, however maybe not so good an idea after-all unless you are a wordsmith or freelance writer yourself. Even though you have invested the time to complete this so far, making the decision to implement the program is a major step and a great accomplishment to get your program up and running.

Sales letters

Sales letters are specific to your product/service that is targeted to people you think will need to read the specific copy to convince them to be a buyer.

Number of Pages

Numbers of pages for a sales letter depends on how much detail you want to provide. However you can have as little as 3 to 20 pages and more depending on who your client base is and the value of your product. The size of your business or number of items that you want to sell is dependent on the value of your product and your market size as well. These items decide the number of pages that should be in the letter. For instance if your market is customized Teddy Bears at Christmas sold in a retail environment, your sales letter should go to stores buyers where you want them to sell your customized Teddy Bears.

Special Email Marketing Sales Letters

These special email marketing sales letters sent online by email to buyers is a separate item. A Post Office mailer printed sales package where there will be printing expenses for the items and postage for mailing. So there will be separate costs in the campaign.

Costs of Copywriting for a Sales Letter

These costs are directly concerned with the amount of time involved and the value that it will bring back to you.

Sales Letter per page $900-$3500 + % for large projects and rerun mailings. Prices depending on details.

Direct mail package, mail order $4,000-$10,000+ depending on your needs.

Self Mailer $1400-$3,800

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Why should you contract with me? See Referrals:

Tony Teano-professional staff in nonprofit administration

Experienced director, coordinator, and professional staff in nonprofit administration, higher education & government

A well-informed, resourceful humanitarian, Diane Knaus has always impressed me with her vision to identify practical solutions to address important community issues. An affable, sincere servant-leader with a result-oriented mindset, Diane readily collaborates toward effective change.

Judi Bailey-Owner of author48 writing

I have worked with Diane in a number of groups and through professional projects and have found her to be quite resourceful. She is punctual, pleasant and highly intelligent. Diane is not afraid to work outside the box and has created an extensive website that gives effective service to people by providing information and contacts.

Sandy Fadale - CISM,CGEIT,CRISC SeniorSpecialist, IS Governance at Bell

Diane is an extremely dedicated, ethical and non-discriminatory individual who provides information to the public that may be used for guidance for particular individual needs. She has the ability to recognize needs, assess situations and take actions to bridge the gap.

John Shellhorn - Caseworker

Diane is a great idea and "big picture" person who works very hard to bring her concepts and ideas to life as well as yours.

Nicole Noe l- Research Funding Officer at University of Windsor

I have been reading since 2005 when I first heard about the site. I've always been impressed by Diane's site as well as the writing she has done for The Scoop newspaper. Her work is well-researched and well-informed and she is clearly dedicated to her work.

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Every contract is different simply because of the diversity of projects. Work is only done with a preapproved signed, authorization form, or purchase order. Work begins immediately the following day on your indvidual project with a 50% downpayment.

All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy. Rewrites are made free of charge unless the revision is based on a change to the assignment made after the copy is submitted. If we do not hear back from you in 4 days we will assume you do not need changes, bu we wll call to check with you before starting for conformation.

If there is to be a delay, we will notify you immediately. All contracts should be assigned an end date of completion as much as two weeks before use. That protects both you and I from rushing too much to avoid mistakes. And also provides recovery time if someone becomes unavailable to proceed on the project. All projects need a second person to be responsible for end approval with signature and date.

When there are changes made to enlarge or enhance your project, you will be billed for the work and must be paid for upon contract completion.

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