The day started out somewhat cloudy. but that is normal for all boat shows in Annapolis it seems.

Annapolis Boat Show 2016

annapolis boat show

Annapolis Yacht Sales

Annapolis Yacht sales 3



Burr Yacht Sales


Customers enjoying themselves!Over 300 boats shown!

3 motors

flowers for show

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10-15-2020 Started in Annapolis, Maryland in the 1970s  are the "Biggest Boat Shows in the World!" However this year 2020 they have been cancelled due to the Covic19 health crisis. The company is expecting to be open next year in the spring of 2021.

Because of our historic maritime and seafood delicacies being matchless in any other area of our country,that is just a portion of activities that brings visitors to our enriched area. Skipjacks were originally built here. Men still sail them to catch some our bountiful seafood. There are many places to visit and experience the wonderful variations of events from the boat shows to historic locations, and wide variety of local attractions available to the public. Many free family opportunitites abound in our surrounding areas.

Great restaurants are in abundance here. They begin at the dock area and extend some 25 miles all around the area. Many of them specialize in seafood, but some are steak houses and some offer great elegant and sophisticaed dining.

There are sailboat races, free music performances at our dock area. While walking you can see or take part in colonial clothed men and women giving tours of the city to explain some of the history. Walking the brick walkways reminds you of the cobblestone bricks of the colonial days. There is much colonial architecture to see as well in our walkable streets, brick buildings and homes. Annapolis is known as one of the top waterfront destinations in the entire country because of it's long maritime history. Our brick State House is the oldest one in the entire country which is still in use daily anywhere. The dock area has been used for hundreds of years for the seafod industry and trading of business supplies. That is the main location for the boat shows which are held here several times a year.The next one is the United States Sailboat Show October 5 – 9, 2017.

Next to where the sailboat show is located is our historic U.S. Naval Academy for more history buffs or research officionados. The academy hosts it's own historic museum which houses their naval history and the great statesmen and women who made that happen. There are ship replacas and artifacts available to see in scale replicas.