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Diane Knaus

I started my photography interest at about ten years of age in Baltimore, Maryland. Always the one with my Brownie Hawkeye the family kept asking me to take pictures. After a modest beginning I found that photography was my love because, I like capturing many special moments in natural lighting conditions. Throughout my career I have used my photogrpahy and copywriting skills to enhance my writings for local, international newspapers and magazines. Services that are included are family event photography, weddings,advertising, newspaper and magazine assignments. Some of my works hang in the Anne Arundel County Fine Arts Foundation Office. Four one woman photography shows were produced in Annapolis, and two coordinated in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I found the Canon AE1 as my first SLR and now use a digital Canon EOS 30D.

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peonies by diane knaus

Peonies in Annapolis,Md.

annapolis harbor by diane knaus copywrighted 2016

Annapolis Harbor, Annapolis,Md.


Kittygirl peeking at you

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merry christmas by diane knaus copyrighted 2016

Copywriting Services-Sales letters

yellowbird.jpgCopywriting can be as simple as writing a sales letter for you to send to potential clients about a specific product, or set of products you want to market to them. Sales letters can be as short as two pages, while others may be ten pages or more. Did you know that longer is better? You need copy that will stop them in their tracks. That’s my part of the job to find the right words for you.


    B2B services:
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    Direct marketing pieces


I am available for commercial copywriting, online content writing, sales letters short and long, social media, assignments, seminars, public speaking engagements, photography shoots, weddings, portraits, pets and children, family reunions, special events, All photographs on this site are copyrighted. Call today to discuss your photography or copywriting needs or set a free forty five minute consultation.

Content and Copywriting services have been provided for Bay Times Weekly, What's Up magazine, Chesapeake Children magazine, City Times for Windsor Ontario, Old Autos newsapper, The Scoop newspaper Ontario.

Online Written Content,layout/design,photograhy:

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My clients are in the BWI, Pensylvania, Ohio, Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Region as well as internationally in Ontario, Canada.Inculding newspapers, magazines in Windsor,Ontario Canada as well as BWI areas. Articles for The City Times Newspaper of Windsor, Ontario “Border Town, an interview with the Mayor and issues concerning the international trade at the border between the U.S. and Canada, the busiest border anywhere. And the article Senior Citizens Fraud” interview with policeman who heads up the senior fraud unit to protect senior citizens in Windsor. Published in Old Autos in Windsor, Ontario, and content/photography in What's Up magazine,, and Chesapeake Children magazine.

If you want to call about a quote 443-942-0096 Reach me from 9-5:00 p.m.or email herel. Thank you for visiting.

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